The Last Card
the official kit of Politehnica Timisoara 2020 - 2022

“Life, like poker, has an element of risk.
It shouldn’t be avoided. It should be faced.” (Edward Norton)

This is the story of our club. We never thought about the cards we were dealt. We always tried to play our hand as best as possible, in order to win the pot. Sometimes that required a bluff, which led to a loss, but we always played to the river card. Every two years our team puts on new uniforms, ready to face our rivals in honor of this great Romanian club, our dedicated fans and our beloved city. Every time we wear it, we carry our dreams of a better tomorrow. And this time is indeed, a special tomorrow.

Our new shirt pays homage to the roller coaster of emotions called Politehnica, in which we all embarked. It is dedicated to the unique moments we experienced so far. However, as we always like to say it, the best years are yet to come.

With this shirt we are witnesses of history. We will wear it when we will celebrate our centennial. We will wear it for our 10 years since Politehnica’s rebirth from its ashes. With it we will cross arms with our adversaries, sacrificing all for you, the army of Politehnica heroes, for which nothing seems impossible!

„The Last Card” edition is designed by Druckeria and produced by our friends at Westiment Company, using fabric of the highest quality ever used in our shirts. The visual concept combines Secession architectural elements, often found on historic buildings in Timisoara, with graphic representations of poker cards (Spades, Club, Diamond, Hearts). The Secession style, also known as Jugendstil is characterized by undulated curved lines, filled with syncopated rhythm, similar to a musical pattern, which reminds us of one of the best historic periods of 18th century Timisoara.

Choose both. Pick-up your cards and play.

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