Football is for Supporters!

It’s for folks as well as me, as well as you. It’s for us, usual folks, which find a refuge in supporting our favorite team. Folks for whom seeing their favorite players ”on the pitch” means everything; folks who could give anything in the world just for watching them.

Maybe we are too romantic, but we strongly follow-up on our own statement: football is for US. Not for the money, not for TV Stations or for an owner or a president’s self-interest. But for the simple happiness deeply felt by people like us during each weekend when „our guys” step-in on the green ground. We’ve worked a lot to reach at this point of our existance. We went through the ”fire” of inferior leagues, an extremely beautiful part of our history. We graduated the ”Maturity Exam” of the Third League  and promoted for the Second League. We’ve experienced lots of moments within these years, trying to provide a positive impression wherever we’ve been – people welcomed us with love, we’ve been hated sometimes, but we were shown respect, no matter what. The respect rightly belonging to those pioneers who started from the roots, who made impossible being possible for the sake of their Club.

We attempted to do the same good things in Șiria, last month, for the duel against our lifetime rivals from UTA Arad. But this time we weren’t shown respect. Our supporters had been humiliated, wrongly treated, not allowed to attempt a sports event, despite they provided an available match ticket, on a fully discriminatory basis.

This case has been approached throughout on the sports news (RO):

Source 1, Source 2, Source 3, Source 4, Source 5, Source 6

Therefore, part of hostile and inadequate framework, non-appropriate for such a derby, got through the light after the match:

Source 1, Source 2.

Our answer, our Politehnica Timisoara Family answer, was an extreme one, but one that raises a huge flag on how supporters are treated and how they should be treated: getting our Team out from the field in the 62nd minute and accepting the legal consequences. This happened due to an unique, solid purpose: tomorrow, the same things might happen to any other supporter within our country. Tomorrow it might be you: you might take a day-off from work, purchase a match ticket, hit the road to another city  just to watch your team and you could end up in the middle of the grain fields, on a cross-walk, being forced to stay in a gated corner for several hours.

We accept the Romanian Football Federation Decision, compliant to the regulations that manage Romanian Football. We understand that our gesture could be the starting spot of a dangerous precedent, which might be used in different purposes, within different situations. But our unique purpose was to state firmly that FOOTBALL IS FOR SUPPORTERS. Due to our belief, we’ve been sanctioned with losing the match, 0-3, downgraded 3 points and fined with 79.500 lei (approx. 17.000 EUR). This could be an extremely powerful imbalance for our Club, due to the fact that our budget is financed by the supporters. Well if you do believe in the values that we are trying to highlight, you could help us to overtake this situation. How can you do it?


You could purchase the symbol-jersey of our away ride to Șiria (the violet or black jersey). It is 50 Ron* (11 EUR, 12.5 USD); the incomes will go straight to the „paying-the-fine” account. The jersey has the white graphics” NO OWNERS” on the front side, while on the back side there is a graphics dedicated to the campaign ”FOOTBALL IS FOR SUPPORTERS” (both, written in Romanian language).


You could donate on our Club account, with the mention ”Football for Supporters”. The accounts are opened BRD Group Societe Generale, account holder: ACS ASU Politehnica Timișoara – in lei: RO85BRDE360SV89755053600, or in EUR: RO72BRDE360SV08285013600 (SWIFT code: BRDEROBU).


You can also donate through PayPal – the associated account belongs to a private person due to difficulties in incorporating donations through electronic means in our financial accounts.


You could become a Valued Membership Card Holder, which goes with the right to vote for the future of our Club. More details, on


We are waiting you on our Home matches: this season we are playing with Foresta Suceava (May 16th) and Ripensia Timișoara (May 26th or 27th). The price for a ticket in 10 lei, the incomes help us to support the organization for every other match.


On our Home matches You could visit the FanShop Area and could purchase ”Politehnica Timisoara” Promotional Materials. You could also visit our online shop, at


Until May 25th you could redirect 2% from your tax of income to Politehnica Timisoara (if you worked last year in Romania). Details about this campain and the necessary forms may be found at; between 5 PM-8 PM, you will find us in the very center of the city, up to May 25th. Our representatives will help you to fill-in this Form.


If you represent a company that wants to advertise goods and services throughout our Club, we may set-up a meeting in order to discuss all the details of a possible partnership. Send us an email at and we’ll go from there.

Advertise the campaign ”FOOTBALL IS FOR SUPPORTERS” on your website, your blog or your Facebook profile, making our message visible to as many football lovers as possible.

Thank You for all Your support. We can change things, work-out on mentalities and give back this wonderful sport to those to whom it was meant to be, from the beginnings: to the SUPPORTERS!